ALpha Course: Youth

What is Alpha Course?

Alpha's twelve youth sessions are designed to engage us into a discussion about life's most important questions. Join us as we dive in, ask questions and push deeper into our faith. 

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Episode 1: Life, is this it?

Life is full of uncertainties. With millions of companies, movements and people fighting for our attention it is easy to feel lost in meaninglessness. Is this really all there is to life? Join us as we investigate this idea. Is there more to this life?
Episode 1 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 2: Jesus: Who is he?

Who is the person of Jesus: prophet, teacher, son of God? In this episode, we dive into the person of Jesus.
Episode 2 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 3: Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?

If Jesus is the true son of God why did he have to die? In this video, we will address this question and begin to understand the purpose behind His sacrifice.
Episode 3 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 4: Faith: How Can I Have Faith

Our lives are often complicated and challenging. In the midst of all of this how do we have faith? In this video, we will will address the concept of faith.
Episode 4 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 5: Prayer: Why and How Do I Pray?

Praying is an incredible resource we have, as believers, to directly connect with God. However, the concept of praying is often shrouded in confusion. In this episode, we tackle the how and why behind prayer.  
Episode 5  in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 6: Bible: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

What is the Bible? Is it just a collection of wisdom? Is it the word of God? How can a book so old be applicable in modernity? In this video we will address why the Bible is applicable and essential in our lives.
Episode 6 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 7: Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is his purpose? In this episode we address this very thing!
Episode 7  in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 8: Fill: How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit

Okay so we addressed who the Holy Spirit is, but how can I ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit? In this episode, we address this very thing.
Episode 8 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 9: New Life: How Can I Make The Most Of The Rest of My Life?

We have our whole lives ahead of us. But how do I capitalize on it? We dive in to this topic in Episode 9  in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 10: Evil: How can I resist Evil?

From the beginning of time humanity has been on a quest to resist Evil. Even biblical heroes like David struggled with temptation. In this episode, we will focus on the concept of evil and how to fight against it!
Episode 10 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 11: Telling Others: Why and how should I tell others?

Our stories are one of the most powerful things we have to expand the Kingdom of God. But how can we share what God is doing in our lives with others? And when is the right time? Find out more in...
Episode 11  in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 12: Healing: Does God Heal Today?

Is our God still the God of healing? Does he still preform miraculous healings like we find in our sacred text? In this video we address that very question. Join us!
Episode 12 in our Alpha Youth Series.

Episode 13: Church: What About the Church?

In this video we unpack the function of the church. What is the church? And as the church what is our function?
Episode 13  in our Alpha Youth Series.