Jesus is the message, Leaders are the mission.

The Mission

The mission of Vertical Church is to see 1023 leaders raised up. The Vertical definition of a leader is "a disciple in action".

Our prayer is to raise up 1000 local leaders and support 23 leaders on every continent on the globe.

The Message

Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is the message for salvation. Not religion. Not salvation by works. But salvation comes by grace, through faith in Christ.

We unapologetically believe the name of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit is what will change the lives of the people around us.


Vertical church is a house built on the faith of seven families and the vision of Mike and Becca Medori. The goal from the beginning was to see a church likened to a home. Our mobile nature is a constant reminder that church is not about the building or a production, but it is the people of God.  

Mike and Becca Medori

Mike and Becca started Vertical Church in January,  2017. They have believed from the start, that God was doing something special in this region. Under their leadership Vertical has grown astronomically, and is changing lives all throughout Union County and beyond.  

Mike has recently released his first book, "A Dangerous Yes". It is a call to unleash the people of God to say yes towards the things of God. 

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